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Comment: 3D illustration based on models used in animations for CAE
brochure1 * 3D illustration for CAE brochure * 1200 x 778 * (170KB)

Click for the original image
brochure2.jpg - 1200 x 784 - (212KB)
7/13/05 1:04 PM
detail * detail of landscape inspired by Group of 7 painters * 1000 x 502 * (88KB)

soft_ad * In 1992 Softimage used my portfolio image (top) for their Siggraph brochure and ad campaign in various trade publications (such as Computer Graphics World). * 1082 x 1500 * (226KB)

spring1 * 3D rendering for Toronto ad campaign for Crystal Springs bottled water. Bottles by Cliff Garbutt and G. Struve-Dencher; landscape by G. Struve-Dencher. Due to memory limitations, the image (large enough for a bus shelter ad) had to be rendered in many layers. * 761 x 1000 * (113KB)

springs2 * Postcard for Crystal Springs. Both images are scans from prints; I've lost the original files. * 796 x 627 * (124KB)