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Comment: Still frame from "Drive She Said" titles (the original frames were 3500px wide; see detail). See the 'reels' folder for a clip.
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dss1.jpg - 1200 x 584 - (116KB)
7/10/05 5:09 PM
dss2 * credits:
Goesta Struve-Dencher (creative director, designer, animator, compositor)
Alexandre Davidov (assistant designer, animator)
Stuart Wenschlag (animator)
Mark Robinson (animator)
Grant Mann (designer) * 1200 x 584 * (106KB)

dss3 * Drive She Said (1998) is the second feature by Canadian director Mina Shum (Double Happiness). * 1200 x 584 * (166KB)

dss4 * The animation was created in about 8 weeks and composited in After FX on a Pentium 2 PC. Film output for the approx. 8800 frames of this sequence was done at Digital Devoid (Seattle, WA). * 1200 x 584 * (148KB)

dss5 * This animation was a finalist in the Graphex '97 (Society of Graphic Designers of Canada) competition in B.C. * 1200 x 569 * (105KB)

xdetail1 * (click on the image for a closer look) * 607 x 957 * (115KB)