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drive * Main title animation for Drive She Said, feature film directed by Mina Shum (Double Happiness). 1998. * 29 x 30 * (13.66MB)

gt2 * Animation & video manipulation for Good Things Too, a National Film Board of Canada production (dir. Liz Scully). The image manipulation was done frame by frame (using a buggy batch feature) with Picture Publisher (!) before After FX came along. * 29 x 30 * (11.11MB)

ispace * 1996 demo reel for Ispace Graphics. Mostly work by Grant Mann and myself. See shot list for individual credits. * 29 x 30 * (12.22MB)

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ispace_shotlist.jpg - 1000 x 1578 - (159KB)
7/11/05 8:39 PM
takeoff2 * Character animation for Take-Off TV series. Bones & IK didn't work yet on Softimage, so I had to use target/shape animation. Also, no digital info for the set (& I couldn't capture broadcast video), so the volumes for bluescreen shadows had to be recreated manually based on the footage, and then the animation was composited back onto the video in post. But we did it! * 29 x 30 * (8.18MB)