lysistrata * (28 Slides) l_ecuyer * (21 Slides)
realthing * (5 Slides)
Sinbad * (19 Slides)
Vinegar_Tom * (21 Slides)
  My first set design at Concordia, for Lysistrata.  
  Renderings for the set of L'Ecuyer, a Montreal TV variety show, from a design by Mario Bouchard.  
  Concept for Stoppard's play The Real Thing, for a corner stage.  
  Sinbad Project: storyboard drawings and 3D renderings for a proposed open-air spectacle in Dubai, UAE, based on a concept by Mario Bouchard.  
  Set and props design for Caryl Churchill's Vinegar Tom, D.B. Clarke Theatre, Montreal. Entirely rendered in 3DS Max.